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LH Ovulation

  • Test Type: One-Step Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Detection (LH Ovulation Rapid Test)
  • Format: Test Strip
  • Specimen: Urine
  • Sensitivity: 25/40 mIU/mL
  • Use: Assists in ovulation prediction for fertility tracking
  • Contents: Kits can come in boxes of 1|10|20 individually packaged tests.
  • Features: Quick results, Simple one-step process, Designed for in vitro self-testing, FDA, Health Canada, CE marked
  • Regulatory Compliance: FDA, Health Canada, CE marked

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The Ovulation LH Rapid Test Kit is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of human luteinizing hormone in urine to predict the time of ovulation.

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Product Description
Embark on your fertility journey with confidence using the SpecCheck OTC LH Strip, a rapid and reliable solution for detecting luteinizing hormone (LH) surges in urine. This Health Canada licensed product is designed to assist in pinpointing ovulation, optimizing fertility tracking for those looking to conceive or prevent pregnancy. With its one-step, user-friendly approach, the LH Ovulation Rapid Test Strip provides quick and accurate ovulation detection, offering a dependable guide for your conception journey.

What are the benefits of using the SpecCheck OTC LH Strip?
- **Effective LH Surge Detection:** Identify your most fertile days with precision, enhancing your chances of conception.
- **Quick Results:** Interpretation of results within 10 minutes allows for timely fertility tracking.
- **Privacy and Comfort:** Urine-based testing ensures ease of use in the privacy of your home.
- **Optimized Timing:** Tailor your fertility tracking based on individual menstrual cycles for the best outcome.

Specifications for SpecCheck OTC LH Strip
This kit includes everything you need for self-testing: 5 disposable strips per box, with clear instructions for use and easy interpretation of results. No additional equipment is necessary, and each strip includes a procedural control to ensure testing accuracy.

Why choose the SpecCheck OTC LH Strip?
For its accuracy, ease of use, and the peace of mind it provides, the SpecCheck OTC LH Strip is an essential tool for anyone monitoring ovulation. Whether you're planning to expand your family or tracking fertility for other reasons, this test offers a reliable, user-friendly solution.

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