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Urinechem Panels

Rapid, semi-quantitative measurement of multiple urine chemistry parameters at the point of care.
  • Test Type: Chemical Analysis
  • Format: Strip
  • Specimen: Urine
  • Parameters: Varies by Product 10 | 11
  • Use: Screening for various health conditions including diabetes, liver diseases, urinary tract infections, and more
  • Contents: 100 vials per carton/ 100 strips each vial
  • Features: Easy to use, Quick results, Comprehensive screening
  • Regulatory Compliance: FDA, Health Canada
  • Shelf Life: Optimized to minimize waste within shelf life

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Rapid, semi-quantitative measurement of multiple urine chemistry parameters at the point of care.

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Product Description
Urinalysis Strip Tests offer a fast, reliable, and convenient way to screen for a variety of health conditions directly from urine samples. Just dip a strip into the urine for 1-2 seconds, wait up to 2 minutes, and then match the color of the test strip pad to the provided color chart. These strips are designed for easy at-home testing, allowing for privacy and ease without the need for doctor visits. Ideal for monitoring diabetes, liver function, urinary tract infections, and more.

What are the benefits of using Urinalysis Strip Tests?
- **Comprehensive Health Screening:** Tests for 10 different parameters to provide a wide range of health insights.
- **Ease of Use:** Simple dip-and-read procedure that can be done in the privacy of your home.
- **Quick and Accurate Results:** Obtain your health screening results in just minutes.

Specifications for Urinalysis Strip Tests
Our Urinalysis Strip Tests are approved by FDA and Health Canada, ensuring you get a quality product that meets regulatory standards. Each bottle contains 50 test strips, designed to provide accurate and reliable results with minimal waste.

Why choose Urinalysis Strip Tests?
For their convenience, reliability, and comprehensive approach to health screening, our Urinalysis Strip Tests are an invaluable tool for anyone looking to monitor their health conditions or risks. Save time and maintain privacy while managing your health effectively.

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