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Urine Testing

Product Information:
  • SpecCheck Urine Testing Products
  • Formats Available: Cup, Dip, Cassette
  • Quantity: 25 Tests/ Kit
  • Accuracy: 98-100%, 100% in correlation to GC/MS
  • Time for Results: 5 minutes
  • Storage: Room temperature
  • Kit Contents: Individually Wrapped Foil Pouches, Package Inserts, Colour Chart Cards
  • Regulatory Compliance: Health Canada, CE, MHRA & FDA
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The SpecCheck Multi-Panel Test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites in urine

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Product Description
Urine Testing with SpecCheck Drug Tests offers a comprehensive range of drug screening solutions with its Multi-Panel Drug Test Round Cups and Dip Tests. These products provide efficient, accurate, and rapid detection of multiple drug metabolites in human urine. The Round Cups are designed for ease of use with a one-step testing process, while the Dip Tests offer a straightforward, dip-and-read approach. Both types are user-friendly and deliver reliable results, suitable for various settings. Ideal for healthcare professionals, employers, and personal use, these SpecCheck products ensure quality and compliance in drug testing.

What are the benefits of using SpecCheck?
SpecCheck is a user-friendly, dip format designed to offer high quality, accurate results within minutes.

Regulatory Standards
The SpecCheck line is Health Canada, FDA, CE marked & MHRA licensed.

What should I look for in a Drug Test Cup/Dip?
When looking for a multi-panel drug test, you should consider what you seek to gain from your substance abuse screening program, what substances you are keen on screening against, and you should ensure that the products you are using are following the rules and regulations of respective governing bodies.

Can I customize my Drug Test?
The SpecCheck multi-panel drug test cup is a completely customizable test cup that allows you to develop a substance abuse screening program that suits your needs.

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