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Spectrum MDX SpikeCheck (Date Rape Test Card)
  • Configuration: GHB & Ketamine
  • Test Type: Date Rape Drug Detection
  • Format: Coaster Test Card
  • Specimen: Beverage sample
  • Quantity: Packages of 25
  • Detection: Detects GHB & Ketamine
  • Time for Results: Within minutes
  • Accuracy: High sensitivity for detecting trace amounts of target drugs
  • Storage: Room temperature
  • Contents: SpikeCheck Test Cards
  • Features: Quick and easy to use, Discreet, No additional equipment needed, can be customized for organizations purchasing in bulk.

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SpikeCheck Date Rape Test (Packages of 25)

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 39 $53.75
40 - 199 7.91 % $49.50
200 - 599 17.21 % $44.50
600 - 1,199 27.44 % $39.00
1,200 - 2,999 42.33 % $31.00
3,000 - 5,999 47.91 % $28.00
6,000 - 19,999 51.16 % $26.25
20,000+ 53.95 % $24.75
SKU: SPK1001


The SpikeCheck card is quick & effective tool to mitigate sexual violence & increase safety for consumers at social events,
schools, concerts, games and more!

Promoting Awareness
Promote consumer awareness on sexual assault
Deter and mitigate risk of sexual violence
Encourages consumers to keep safety in mind at social gatherings
Solution against most commonly used drugs in spiking drinks

Consumer Safety
Maintain a safe and secure community
Promote personal comfort for consumers
High impact, low-cost tool to create safety initiatives

Sleek, Discreet Design
Ideal for any environment, including parties, events, sports venues, schools, bachelorettes and more!
Can fit discreetly into purses, tote bags, fanny packs or backpacks
Quick & effective test
Available in three formats: Coaster, bi-fold & tri-fold

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Product Description
SpikeCheck is a rapid detection tool designed to identify the presence of common date rape drugs in beverages. This discreet and easy-to-use test card can quickly determine if a drink has been tampered with, providing results within minutes. SpikeCheck is an essential safety tool for anyone concerned about drug-facilitated crimes.

What are the benefits of using SpikeCheck?
SpikeCheck offers a fast, reliable, and discreet method for testing beverages for date rape drugs. Its ease of use and quick response time make it a valuable tool for personal safety in various social settings.

Specifications for Spectrum MDX SpikeCheck
The SpikeCheck Test Cards are designed for one-time use and provide a high level of sensitivity in detecting trace amounts of targeted date rape drugs. The cards can be stored at room temperature and are simple to use without the need for additional equipment.

Why choose SpikeCheck?
Choose SpikeCheck for its commitment to providing a quick, effective, and discreet solution for the detection of date rape drugs. These test cards are an important tool for enhancing personal safety and peace of mind.

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