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Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Testing with Alco-Screen 02 Alcohol Test Strips
    • Test Type: Alcohol Saliva Test
    • Format: Test Strip
    • Detection: Qualitative detection of blood alcohol concentration
    • Specimen: Saliva
    • Quantity: 24 strips/box
    • Detection Range: Semi-quantitative, detects blood alcohol concentrations from 0.02% BAC and up
    • Time for Results: 2 minutes
    • Accuracy: High accuracy with color change indicator
    • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight
    • Contents: Alco-Screen 02 Test Strips, Instructions for Use
    • Features: Easy to use, No additional equipment required, Rapid results, DOT Approved for certain applications
    • Compliance: Meets the requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) for alcohol screening

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Rapid detection of alcohol in breath, saliva & urine.

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Product Description
The Spectrum MDX Alco-Screen 02 Alcohol Test Strips offer a fast, reliable method for detecting blood alcohol concentration using a simple saliva sample. This DOT-approved test provides semi-quantitative results in just 2 minutes, making it an invaluable tool for workplace testing, law enforcement, and personal safety measures.

What are the benefits of using Spectrum MDX Alco-Screen 02?
Spectrum MDX Alco-Screen 02 test strips are designed for ease of use and rapid results, with no additional equipment needed. Their semi-quantitative detection provides a reliable indication of blood alcohol level, supporting responsible alcohol consumption decisions and compliance with safety regulations.

Specifications for Spectrum MDX Alco-Screen 02 Alcohol Test Strips
Each box contains test strips capable of detecting alcohol concentrations starting at 0.02% BAC, suitable for a wide range of screening scenarios. The strips are easy to store and come with clear instructions for use.

Why choose the Spectrum MDX Alco-Screen 02?
Opt for the Spectrum MDX Alco-Screen 02 for its straightforward testing process, reliability, and DOT compliance. Whether for professional or personal use, these test strips provide a practical solution for immediate alcohol screening.

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