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Ferritin (FRT) Rapid Test Cassette

  • Product Name: SpecCheck Ferritin Rapid Test
  • Sample Type: Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma
  • Format: Cassette
  • Time to Result: 5 minutes
  • Contents: 25 Rapid Test Cassettes, Instructions
  • Storage Condition: 2-30°C (Room Temperature)
  • Test Principle: Chromatographic Immunoassay
  • Regulatory Compliance: Pending Health Canada Licensing, CE Marked

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25 Tests/Kit

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1 - 19 $249.50
20 - 99 5.01 % $237.00
100 - 199 10.22 % $224.00
200 - 399 14.93 % $212.25
400 - 999 20.04 % $199.50
1,000+ 23.35 % $191.25


Our Ferritin Rapid Test offers swift and reliable results, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about patients’ iron levels. Whether it’s detecting iron-deficiency anemia or monitoring iron therapy effectiveness, our test empowers medical practitioners with valuable insights. Elevate patient care with the Ferritin Rapid Test from Spectrum MDX. Gain insights into iron levels swiftly and accurately, facilitating better diagnosis and management of iron-related conditions.

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Product Description
The SpecCheck Ferritin Rapid Test offers a quick and efficient means for the qualitative or semi-quantitative detection of human ferritin in human serum, plasma, and whole blood. It serves as an invaluable tool in the diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia, delivering results with high accuracy and no need for complex equipment.

Why Choose the SpecCheck Ferritin Rapid Test?
- **Fast Results:** Obtain your results within 5 minutes.
- **Easy to Interpret:** Visual results for straightforward interpretation.
- **Simple Operation:** No equipment needed, ensuring a hassle-free testing process.
- **High Accuracy:** Sensitivity of 91.3%, specificity of 96.2%, and overall accuracy of 93.8%.

How to Use the SpecCheck Ferritin Rapid Test:
Follow the simple instructions included for sample collection and testing. The test can be performed using whole blood, serum, or plasma and requires only a few steps to get a result. Ensure timely and accurate diagnosis for iron deficiency anemia with this user-friendly test.

Ensure an efficient assessment of iron levels with the SpecCheck Ferritin Rapid Test, your go-to solution for diagnosing iron deficiency anemia.

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