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Actim Partus

    • Test Type: Chromatographic Immunoassay for Preterm Delivery Risk Assessment
    • Format: Dipstick Test Kit
    • Specimen: Cervical Secretion
    • Sensitivity: High sensitivity for phosphorylated insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 (phIGFBP-1) detection
    • Use Range: From week 22 of pregnancy until birth
    • Time for Results: Results in just 5 minutes
    • Accuracy: High negative predictive value (98%)
    • Storage: Store at room temperature (+2–25 °C)
    • Contents: Dipstick, Specimen Extraction Solution tube, Sterile polyester swab, Instructions for Use
    • Features: Easy-to-use one-step test, Not affected by urine, intercourse, semen, vaginal medications, or infections, Can be interpreted digitally with Actim® 1ngeni instrument
    • Package Sizes: Packages of 1 and 10
    • Compliance: Pending Health Canada Licensing

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Actim® Partus is a quick and reliable bedside test to identify patients with a real risk of imminent or preterm delivery, even before symptoms are clinically visible. Gives test results at the bedside in just 5 minutes, with sampling completed in seconds.

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Product Description
Actim Partus offers a fast and reliable method for identifying pregnant women at real risk of preterm or imminent delivery. This innovative test detects phIGFBP-1 in cervical swab samples, a marker that indicates the risk of preterm delivery. A negative result confidently rules out imminent delivery, allowing low-risk patients to return home and reducing unnecessary medical interventions. Actim Partus is essential for early detection, improving patient care, and optimizing healthcare resources.

What are the benefits of using Actim Partus?
Rapid and Reliable: Delivers results at the bedside within 5 minutes.
High Accuracy: A negative predictive value of 98% rules out the risk of imminent or preterm delivery.
Patient-Centric: Helps in the early identification of high-risk pregnancies, ensuring timely care and peace of mind for expecting mothers.

Specifications for Actim Partus Rapid Test
Actim Partus is designed for clinical use, providing a non-invasive, quick assessment from week 22 of pregnancy. Its ease of use and the capability for digital interpretation make it a valuable tool in obstetric care.

Why choose Actim Partus?
Choose Actim Partus for its precision in assessing the risk of preterm delivery. It's an invaluable aid in managing pregnancy care, offering a clear direction for the treatment of high-risk pregnancies while avoiding overtreatment in low-risk cases.

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