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Empowering Pharmacies with Faster Strep Testing Solutions


Strep throat is a common yet acute infection that can significantly impact individuals’ daily lives, making rapid and reliable diagnosis crucial. Traditional laboratory tests, while accurate, often involve long wait times and substantial processing. However, with the latest advancements in medical technology, Spectrum MDX is at the forefront of transforming how strep throat is diagnosed through rapid testing solutions available directly at your local pharmacy.

The Need for Rapid Strep Testing

Strep throat affects millions annually, necessitating efficient testing methods that can keep pace with its high incidence. The traditional method involves sending cultures to a laboratory, with results taking anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. This waiting period can be uncomfortable for patients and inefficient for treatment initiation.

A boy wearing red opening his mouth for a nurse wearing light blue to take a throat swab, testing for strep throat in a traditional manner.

Overcoming Traditional Challenges

The main challenges with laboratory tests include the time delay, the cost associated with sending samples to a lab, and the use of bulky, expensive equipment which many pharmacies cannot accommodate. These factors create barriers to timely and cost-effective patient care.

Introducing Rapid Strep Test Technology

Spectrum MDX has developed a rapid strep test that simplifies the entire testing process. This technology allows pharmacists to perform tests directly at the point of care—right within the pharmacy—and deliver results in as little as 10 minutes.

Gloved hands holding a rapid point of care strep test, the control line is active with a red line- the test is negative.

Benefits of Spectrum MDX’s Rapid Strep Tests

  • Speed and Efficiency: Our tests provide results in about 10 minutes, drastically reducing the wait time compared to traditional lab tests.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By eliminating the need for lab processing and expensive equipment, both pharmacies and patients experience significant cost savings.
  • Environmental Impact: Designed with sustainability in mind, our tests use fewer plastic components, reducing environmental waste.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: Despite the quicker turnaround time, our rapid tests do not compromise on accuracy, offering results that are just as reliable as those from traditional lab tests.

Implementation in Pharmacies

Implementing Spectrum MDX’s rapid strep tests in your pharmacy is straightforward:

  1. Training: Pharmacists receive brief training on how to use the test kits, ensuring proficiency and confidence in performing the tests.
  2. No Initial Investment: Our model requires no upfront costs for equipment, making it accessible for any pharmacy to start offering strep testing services.
  3. Marketing Support: Spectrum MDX provides materials to help promote the new service to your customers, informing them of the availability of rapid results.


Pharmacists who have adopted our rapid tests report significantly higher customer satisfaction, attributing this to the quick turnaround and the added convenience it brings to their service offerings. The ability to deliver accurate results in about 10 minutes means that pharmacists can offer more responsive care, greatly enhancing the overall customer experience. Patients, in turn, greatly appreciate the swift results which not only alleviate the anxiety of waiting but also allow for immediate commencement of treatment if necessary. This smooth integration into pharmacy services underscores our commitment to not only advancing healthcare technology but also to improving practical, everyday medical practices for professionals and the public alike.


Rapid strep testing at pharmacies is more than a convenience; it’s a shift towards more patient-centred care. By integrating Spectrum MDX’s rapid tests, pharmacies can enhance their service offerings, increase patient satisfaction, and streamline operations. For more information on how to incorporate this innovative solution into your practice, visit our product page or contact our sales team.

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