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Spectrum Medical Diagnostics is a leading supplier of drug and alcohol testing devices, tools, accessories, and services.

Product integrity and the application of education, prevention, treatment and management are the foundation to our professional success.  

At Spectrum Medical Diagnostics, our goal is to translate technology into sustainable, healthy, and safe solutions that accelerate patient treatment and overall productivity.  

We are committed to achieving better health outcomes by offering excellence and integrity in all that we do.

Our Health Screening Solutions

We offer our customers a wide range of quality brands and products. Learn more about our rapid diagnostic portfolio.

Featuring SpecCheck

Our Multi-Panel Test Cup.

  • Quick and accurate testing results.
  • Colour-coded tabs for ease of identification.
  • Easy to read results.
  • Can be customized and tailored to your needs.
  • Compliant with Clinical and Occupational Health Standards.
Transparent SpecChek

Occupational Health Solutions

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics provides the latest innovation in substance abuse screening tools to ensure you remain compliant with safety regulations.

We ensure accuracy and reliable results for your workplace programs.

Women's Health

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics is dedicated to bringing exceptional women’s health screening products to the healthcare community.

Our comprehensive menu includes screening tools for menopause, ovulation and pregnancy designed for quick, accurate readings.

Clinical Health Solutions

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics is committed to enhancing patient treatment and diagnosis of substance abuse in Canada.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that offer accurate, reliable results.

We are fully licensed and compliant with...


We are constantly evolving by acquiring new, leading edge technologies.

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Our Experience

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics Inc. is a leading supplier of drug test kits, alcohol testing kits and several other rapid diagnostic screening devices in Canada. With nearly 40 years of combined experience, Spectrum MDX has demonstrated a commitment to servicing medical diagnostic and drug and alcohol screening providers.

About Us

Service & Value

We operate with strict compliance according to Health Canada regulations and we align our reputation and resources with ISO Certified companies. Our acquisition model prioritizes North American-made products and Canadian manufacturers when it comes to the alcohol testing & drug test kits and other screening devices we supply.

Our Services

Our Mission

" At Spectrum MDX, we aim to exceed your expectations. From the application of screening diagnosis to interpreting test results, you can count on us to facilitate industry protocol and best practices. Guaranteed. "

Sharmin, Sriram, CEO and Founder of Spectrum MDX

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    Interested in working with us? Here's what our customers are saying.

    "Spectrum's service has always been fast, efficient and always very personal and friendly—one quick call or email and our orders are ready to go and the billing is straightforward with no hiccups or surprises.

    When you work in a high-stress industry with a lot of surprises, it is nice to be able to rely on partners like Spectrum to meet our organizational needs with such trustworthy professionalism and responsiveness."


    Jeremiah, Recovery Centre Manager

    Clinical Health Industry

    SpecCheck has provided us with key materials and testing devices needed to meet the needs of many industries in Alberta, the quickness of the product has been instrumental in our success as a third party provider for drug and alcohol testing.

    Working with Spectrum MDX has been easy, their staff members are friendly and helpful, and they are always available to answer any questions or concerns.

    A higher panel has been beneficial as most companies have no idea who needs to be tested for what. The pricing options and how Spectrum is able to work with us makes them a key provider for our company.


    Sara, Operations Manager

    Occupational Health Industry