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SpecCheck Rapid Lyme Disease Test

Rapid Lyme Disease Test
    • Test Type: Chromatographic Immunoassay
    • Specimen: Whole Blood, Serum, or Plasma
    • Detection: Antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi
    • Use: Early detection of Lyme disease
    • Contents: Lyme Disease Test Kit, Instructions for Use, Integrated with Results+ platform
    • Features: High sensitivity, Rapid and accurate results, Digital innovation with Results+, Patient-centric services

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Rapid Lyme Disease Test (25 units/kit)

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5,000 - 9,999 13.57 % $237.25
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Our advanced Lyme Disease Test, integrated with the Results+ platform, revolutionizes diagnostics. With a highly sensitive chromatographic immunoassay, it delivers rapid, accurate results for early detection and personalized treatment planning.

Streamlined and seamless, This test empowers healthcare professionals to make prompt decisions for improved patient outcomes. Join us in transforming Lyme disease diagnostics.

Lyme Disease Patient-Centric Services Improve patient care by offering value added screening services in-store. Pharmacists can help address current backlogs within hospitals & clinics and minimize the strain on the Canadian healthcare system.

Digital Innovation with Results+ As healthcare delivery evolves and digital innovation persists, we want to help bridge the gap between medical device and software. Capture test images and print and/or email results with one click of a button!

Accuracy & Reliability Excellent correlation to laboratory results.Quick, accurate & reliable results for enhanced healthcare.

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Product Description
Our advanced Rapid Lyme Disease Test offers a significant leap in Lyme disease diagnostics. Utilizing a highly sensitive chromatographic immunoassay, it detects antibodies produced by the human immune system against Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease. Integrated with the innovative Results+ platform, this test delivers rapid, accurate results, facilitating early detection and personalized treatment planning.

What are the benefits of using the Rapid Lyme Disease Test?
This test streamlines Lyme disease diagnosis, enabling healthcare professionals to make quick, informed decisions for patient care. With its excellent correlation to laboratory results, it provides a reliable basis for early intervention and treatment strategies.

Specifications for Rapid Lyme Disease Test
Designed for accuracy and reliability, the Rapid Lyme Disease Test empowers healthcare providers with quick results and seamless integration into digital health records through Results+. This patient-centric approach enhances care delivery and supports pharmacists in addressing healthcare system demands.

Why choose the Rapid Lyme Disease Test?
Choose the Rapid Lyme Disease Test for its precision, speed, and integration with digital health innovations. It's an invaluable tool in the fight against Lyme disease, offering enhanced diagnostics for better patient outcomes.

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