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Implement the FAST test automation framework and automate like a tester

A test automation framework that follows the tester’s ethos while embracing a developer-driven methodology.

Test automation is the future, but the current trend towards code-based test automation run primarily by developers lacks the benefit of the tester’s mindset. FAST takes advantage of both these methodologies to provide a framework that produces ZERO critical bugs in production with continuous regression testing while also being simple and easy to implement. 

Whitepaper Highlights:

  • Benefits of a keyword-driven framework

  • Shift down

  • Understanding the automation 

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“Spectrum’s service has always been fast, efficient and always very personal and friendly—one quick call or email and our orders are ready to go and the billing is straightforward with no hiccups or surprises.
When you work in a high-stress industry with a lot of surprises, it is nice to be able to rely on partners like Spectrum to meet our organizational needs with such trustworthy professionalism and responsiveness.”

Jeremiah, Recovery Centre Manager

SpecCheck has provided us with key materials and testing devices needed to meet the needs of many industries in Alberta, the quickness of the product has been instrumental in our success as a third party provider for drug and alcohol testing.
Working with Spectrum MDX has been easy, their staff members are friendly and helpful, and they are always available to answer any questions or concerns.
A higher panel has been beneficial as most companies have no idea who needs to be tested for what. The pricing options and how Spectrum is able to work with us makes them a key provider for our company.

Sara, Operations Manager


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