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Spectrum MDX Training Programs
    • Courses: DOT-Regulated and Non-Regulated Drug Collector Training
    • Format: Web-Based Training and Certification
    • Quantity: Unlimited Access per Enrollment
    • Certification Training Period: Learn at Your Own Pace
    • Contents: Our programs are designed to Comply with All Corporate Drug Screening Policies and DOT Standards.
    • What to Expect: Comprehensive Training Modules, Mock Evaluations, Certification Exam
    • Features: Mobile-friendly, Modular format, Self-paced learning, Convenient mock evaluations, Suitable for various industries, including Oil & Gas and Aviation
    • Compliance: Meets DOT Regulations for Urine Specimen Collections
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Our service and support programs offers organizations a more streamlined approach to training, ultimately lowering costs, maximizing efficiency for all parties involved and implementing best practices for drug & alcohol screening.
• Learn at your own pace: fits easily into your busy schedule!
• Convenient mock evaluations to suit your schedule
• Our training is ideal for all industries, including Oil & Gas, Cross-border Transport, Railway, Aviation, Forestry and much more… Get certified today!

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Product Description
Spectrum MDX now offers comprehensive web-based DOT Regulated and Non-Regulated Drug Collector Training and Certification. Our programs equip you to perform DOT/non-DOT urine specimen collections efficiently, complying with corporate and DOT standards. Designed for flexibility and efficiency, our training lowers costs and integrates best practices for drug & alcohol screening.

What are the benefits of Spectrum MDX Training Programs?
Learn at your own pace, fitting training into your busy schedule. Our mock evaluations are tailored to your availability, providing practical experience. Ideal for industries like Oil & Gas, Transport, and Aviation, our certification prepares you for various drug and alcohol screening scenarios.

Specifications for Spectrum MDX Training Programs
Our training is web-based, allowing for mobile learning. Upon completion, receive a Certified Specimen Collector (CSC) certificate and an official collector ID card, enhancing your professional credentials.

Why choose Spectrum MDX Training Programs?
Opt for our training programs to minimize liability, lower costs, and ensure compliance with Health Canada standards. Get certified today and support your organization's drug screening efforts with confidence.

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