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Ensuring Safety and Efficiency with Rapid Testing Solutions

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics, in collaboration with Results+, offers comprehensive rapid testing solutions designed to enhance safety protocols and streamline operations in prisons and jails. Our partnership empowers correctional facilities to detect substance abuse, ensure inmate health, and maintain a secure environment.

Department of Transit tests

Department of Transit tests are performed by organizationsunder contract or authority of the Department ofTransportation (DOT) and are required of any employeeworking in highly sensitive positions or unsafe environments.

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Enhancing Security and Safety

With Spectrum Medical Diagnostics’ rapid tests, prisons and jails can effectively detect substance abuse among inmates, contributing to a safer and more secure facility. Our tests provide fast and accurate results, allowing prompt identification of illicit drugs or alcohol. By integrating Results+ into the testing process, correctional staff can access test results instantly, enabling immediate actions and reducing the risk of drug-related incidents.

Efficient Workflow and Documentation

The combination of Spectrum Medical Diagnostics’ rapid tests and Results+ streamlines the workflow in prisons and jails. Our user-friendly tests are easy to administer, minimizing disruption to daily operations. Results+ simplifies the documentation process by automating data capture and report generation. This saves valuable time for correctional staff, enabling them to focus on essential tasks while maintaining comprehensive records.

Compliance with Regulations and Standards

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics’ rapid tests are designed to meet the rigorous standards and regulations set for correctional facilities. Our tests comply with relevant guidelines and ensure the accuracy and reliability of results. By leveraging Results+ for data management and reporting, prisons and jails can demonstrate compliance and maintain transparency in their substance abuse screening programs.

Supporting Rehabilitation Programs

Substance abuse is a significant challenge in correctional facilities, and rehabilitation programs play a crucial role in inmate recovery and reintegration into society. Spectrum Medical Diagnostics’ rapid tests, coupled with Results+, support the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs by providing accurate monitoring and progress tracking. This enables correctional staff to tailor individualized treatment plans and support inmates on their path to recovery.

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