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Expanding Services and Improving Patient Outcomes

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics, in partnership with Results+, empowers pharmacies to expand their services and play a more active role in patient care. By introducing rapid testing solutions, pharmacies can provide convenient and reliable diagnostics, enhancing patient outcomes and fostering healthier communities.

Department of Transit tests

Department of Transit tests are performed by organizationsunder contract or authority of the Department ofTransportation (DOT) and are required of any employeeworking in highly sensitive positions or unsafe environments.

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Convenient and Accessible Diagnostics​

With Spectrum Medical Diagnostics’ rapid tests, pharmacies can offer on-site diagnostics, making healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients. Our tests provide quick and accurate results, enabling timely interventions and personalized treatment recommendations. By integrating Results+ into their services, pharmacies can deliver test results instantly, allowing patients to take informed actions towards better health.

Promoting Preventive Healthcare

Pharmacies equipped with rapid testing solutions can proactively engage in preventive healthcare. By offering tests for various conditions, such as cholesterol levels, blood glucose, and infectious diseases, pharmacies can help patients monitor their health and identify potential risks early on. With Results+, patients can track their test results over time, empowering them to make lifestyle adjustments and take proactive measures to improve their well-being.

Collaborative Healthcare Approach​

The integration of Spectrum Medical Diagnostics’ rapid tests and Results+ fosters a collaborative healthcare approach within pharmacies. Pharmacies can share test results with healthcare providers, enabling better coordination and continuity of care. Through secure data exchange, pharmacies can actively contribute to patients’ overall healthcare journey, facilitating seamless transitions between primary care, specialists, and other healthcare professionals.

Increased Revenue Streams

Introducing rapid testing solutions partnered with Results+ enables pharmacies to diversify their revenue streams. By expanding their services beyond medication dispensing, pharmacies can attract new customers and retain existing ones. Rapid tests create opportunities for additional consultations, follow-up appointments, and the sale of related healthcare products, driving revenue growth while enhancing patient care.

Elevate your clinic’s diagnostic capabilities and transform your pharmacy’s services with Spectrum Medical Diagnostics’ rapid tests and Results+. Embrace the future of healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes, and strengthen your position as a trusted healthcare provider.

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