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Spectrum MDX Breathalyzers
  • Configuration: Breath Alcohol Test
  • Format: Breathalyzer
  • Specimen: Breath
  • Accuracy: Swift and precise measurement of blood alcohol content (BAC)
  • Use: Suitable for both personal and professional (non-DOT and DOT) use
  • Features: Portable, user-friendly design
  • Compliance: CE Marked & Health Canada Licensed MDEL: 3171

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Elevate safety with state-of-the-art breathalyzers. Swiftly and accurately measure blood alcohol content for informed decisions. Whether personal or professional use, our advanced devices offer reliability and peace of mind. Prioritize safety and responsibility with our cutting-edge breathalyzers, your essential tool for alcohol level assessment.

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Product Description
Spectrum MDX offers state-of-the-art breathalyzers for precise and swift blood alcohol content (BAC) measurement. Designed for both personal and professional environments, including non-DOT and DOT settings, these breathalyzers are essential for accurate alcohol level assessment. Their advanced technology ensures reliable results, promoting safety and responsibility in various situations where alcohol consumption needs to be monitored.

What are the benefits of using Spectrum MDX Breathalyzers?
Spectrum MDX Breathalyzers are designed for user-friendliness and portability, making them ideal for on-the-go testing. They provide swift and accurate measurements, offering peace of mind and promoting safety and accountability in environments where monitoring alcohol levels is crucial.

Regulatory Standards for Spectrum MDX Breathalyzers
Spectrum MDX Breathalyzers are CE Marked and licensed under Health Canada MDEL: 3171, ensuring compliance with high safety and quality standards.

Why choose Spectrum MDX Breathalyzers?
Choose Spectrum MDX Breathalyzers for their reliability, ease of use, and portability. These devices are perfect tools for assessing alcohol levels accurately in both personal and professional settings, ensuring informed and responsible decision-making.

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