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About Us

Our Story

Spectrum MDX is an industry pioneer whose mission and passion is to help the community. We’re not just a company that sells drug tests. With over 25 years in the industry, you can be assured that your experience working with us will be high level.   What sets us apart from competition is our industry knowledge, Health Canada compliance and mission to give back and drive positive changes.

The Spectrum Brand

Our Experience

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics Inc. is a leading supplier of rapid diagnostic screening devices in Canada.

With over 25 years of industry experience, we have become a recognized and reliable partner for providing high quality products, technologies and services. Partnering with us means receiving comprehensive solutions with access to a broad product menu designed to suit any screening program. Through treatment prevention services and education, we are committed to enhancing patient treatment in Canada. Partner with us for a better tomorrow…

Our Solutions  .

“At Spectrum MDX, we aim to exceed your expectations. From the application of screening tools to interpreting test results, you can count on us to facilitate industry protocols and best practices.”

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Sharmin Sriram

President, Owner

Sharmin Sriram is Founder and President of Spectrum MDX, a Toronto-based, leading supplier and distributor of rapid diagnostic screening devices.

After working as a POCT product specialist supporting Medical Directors and toxicology experts for over 25 years, Sharmin transformed her passion for personalizing healthcare services into her next successful business venture and formed Spectrum MDX in 2008. She has been at the forefront of rapid diagnostic technology for more than 25 years and has a proven track record of introducing innovative products and solutions that accelerate POCT clinical diagnosis. In 1999, Sharmin recognized the need for a more sensitive  and specific chemistry for rapid EDDP (Methadone metabolite) detection and was first to launch a rapid POCT device for this metabolite into the Canadian marketplace.

Sharmin has positioned her performance as a leader and aligns her business intelligence with North-American products that exceed her expectations of quality. Her entrepreneurial spirit has enabled her to build long-lasting relationships with manufacturers and industry peers that broaden her company’s product portfolio.

“We attribute our success to maintaining a high standard of customer service and professionalism, and a passion for understanding industry trends. We strive for strengthening awareness of substance abuse prevention and implementing best practices for change.”

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Gisela Tenazas

National Sales Manager

Gisela Tenazas serves as National Sales Manager for Spectrum MDX and manages a successful marketing and product development team.

Since 2013, Gisela has played a strategic role in building company revenue and facilitating product knowledge and education for our clients. She has a proven track record of delivering quality products, services and compliance across leading industries in private and public sectors across Canada: rehabilitation, prisons, oil and gas, occupational health and safety, non-profit and point-of-care clinics.

“Gisela attributes her success to maintaining a high standard of customer service and professionalism, and a passion for understanding industry trends. Our clients recognize Gisela as a “problem-solver who understands how to translate challenges into solutions; a courteous and professional account manager who demonstrates leadership and passion for strengthening awareness of substance abuse prevention and implementing best practices for change”.  Sharmin Sriram, President & CEO

Elisa Matos

Customer Service Manager

Elisa Matos serves as Customer Service Manager for Spectrum MDX.

“As Customer Service Manager, Elisa is dedicated to customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. She oversees all customer relation inquiries, from initial client contact through the resolution of issues to the client’s satisfaction, ensuring that needs and expectations are fully met. Elisa is a highly committed individual constantly striving to deliver quality service while managing and building strong relationships. She contributes to the company’s mission of helping clients enhance patient treatment by providing support at every stage of their screening program.” Sharmin Sriram, President & CEO

Service & Value

We operate with strict compliance according to Health Canada regulations and we align our reputation and resources with ISO Certified companies. Our acquisition model prioritizes North American-made products and Canadian manufacturers. Spectrum MDX can provide assistance with drug testing protocols (SOP’s) and offer comprehensive training for your staff.

Our Solutions  

Partners for a Better Tomorrow

Creating positive change for our health requires a holistic approach and a collective investment from our Governments, social advocacy groups, independent healthcare practitioners and citizens. Over the past 25 years, my entrepreneurship in healthcare services has steered a course of innovation, change and challenges—and throughout, we have learned that product integrity and the application of education, prevention, treatment and management is the foundation to our success.

At Spectrum MDX, our goal is to translate technology into sustainable, healthy, and safe solutions that accelerate patient diagnosis and laboratory productivity. We can achieve better health outcomes and Spectrum MDX is committed to fulfilling our part by offering excellence and integrity in all that we do.

Our Solutions  

Our Philosophy and Values

“Our goal is to translate technology into sustainable, healthy and safe solutions that accelerate patient treatment and diagnosis, and help enhance clinical practices for better health outcomes. We are committed to fulfilling our part by offering excellence and integrity in all that we do.”

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