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SpecCheck is Canada's Preferred Multi-Panel Drug Test Cup

A completely customizable multi-panel drug test cup that can be tailored to your needs.

Featuring SpecCheck

Our Multi-Panel Drug Test Cup.

  • Quick and accurate testing results.
  • Colour-coded tabs for ease of identification.
  • Easy to read results.
  • Can be customized and tailored to your needs.
  • Compliant with Clinical and Occupational Health Standards.

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Contact us at (866) 287-2425 or info@spectrummdx.com to learn about our customization options.


What should I look for in a Drug Test Cup?

When looking for a multi-panel test cup, you should consider what you seek to gain from your substance abuse screening program, what substances you are keen on screening against, and you should ensure that the products you are using are following the rules and regulations of respective governing bodies.

The SpecCheck multi-panel drug test cup is a completely customizable test cup that allows you to develop a substance abuse screening program that suits your needs.

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    All products are Health Canada licensed. Spectrum Medical Diagnostics Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer.