Round Test Cups

Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated collection and testing
  • Temperature strip on cup
  • Easy to use
  • Collect sample, read results in 3-5 minutes
  • No timing required: control line indicator
  • Closed specimen cup
  • Clear collection cup: allows visual integrity check
  • Ship in same container for confirmation
  • Room temperature storage: 18 months shelf-life
  • Screen up to 12 substances on one cup
  • Fully customize your testing panel
  • Multiple cut-offs available
  • Built-in adulteration available
  • Highly accurate: Excellent correlation to GC/MS
  • Built-in test / negative control
  • Results stable for up to 1 hour

  Choose from several drugs & customize your panel. Substance Abuse: Alcohol, AMP (500 or 1k), BAR (200 or 300), BUP, BZO (200 or 300), COC (150 or 300), Cotinine (Nicotine), EDDP, Ketamine, Methadone (MAD), MAMP (500 or 1k), MDMA (Ecstasy), OXY, PCP, PPX, Synthetic THC (K2, Spice),  THC, TCA. Adulteration: pH, Creatinine, Specific Gravity, Bleach, Gluteraldehyde, Nitrite, Pyridinium Chloride.