Noble Split Specimen Cup

Innovative drug test cup design eliminates urine handling and donor tampering, providing a unique and efficient approach for on-site drug testing. Convenience:

  • Integrated collection and testing
  • Split specimen collection
  • Easy to use
  • Screw top lid for secure closure
  • Closed specimen cup
  • Collector activated vs Donor activated
  • Temperature strip on cup
  • Collect sample, insert key, read results in 3-5 minutes
  • Clear collection cup: allows visual integrity check and easy photocopying
  • Ship in same container for confirmation (split specimen)
  • Room temperature storage: 18 months shelf-life


  • Screen up to 12 substances on one cup
  • Fully customize your testing panel
  • Multiple cut-offs available
  • Built-in adulteration available


  • Highly accurate: Excellent correlation to GC/MS
  • Built-in test / negative control
  • Results stable for up to 1 hour

Choose from several drugs & customize your panel. Substance Abuse: AMP (300 or 1k), BAR 300, BUP, BZO 300, COC (150 or 300),  Methadone (MAD), MAMP (500 or 1k), MDMA (Ecstasy), OXY, PCP, PPX, THC, TCA. Adulteration: pH, Creatinine, Specific Gravity, Oxidants