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eCCF® Approved for DOT Drug Testing

The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently announced its approval to use electronic chain of custody forms (eCCF) for regulated drug testing.

Before implementing an eCCF, certified laboratories must provide a detailed plan and proposed standard operating procedures (SOPs) for SAMHSA to review and approve through SAMHSA’s National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP). The review of validation records, specimen records, SOPs, staff training records, and practices associated with the eCCF will be part of the NLCP inspection process. Once the eCCF is approved for use through the NLCP inspection process, it may be used in the DOT drug testing program, as well as the Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program.

With an e-chain of custody process, all paperwork completed at the collection site during the testing process is done electronically instead of manually.  The absense of paperwork will greatly minimize the potential for collection errors, ensure consistency and link all parts of the donor drug screening process.

Spectrum MDX is pleased to announce that we will be launching a new DOT data management platform capable of submitting eCCF’s to a laboratory. We will be partnering with an approved certified laboratory that accepts electronic chain of custody forms.

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