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Third Party Laboratory Services

Spectrum MDX offers SAMSHA accredited third-party laboratory drug screening services to comply with Workplace DOT regulations. We work with certified gold standard laboratories to conduct reliable and accurate drug analyses in urine, saliva and hair. We are committed to enhancing the screening process for our clients.

We can maximize your cost savings and convenience by offering comprehensive laboratory services at discounted rates. Spectrum MDX can simplify and streamline your workflow with every aspect of your screening program.

Lab-based Urine Drug Testing

This drug screening method is the only approved methodology for DOT mandated testing. It is used to detect recent use, making it ideal for all testing scenarios including pre-employment, random testing and post-accident. Laboratory-based urine testing is cost-effective and allows organizations to conduct screening for a wide range of illicit and prescription drugs. It also provides a strong case should there be any legal challenges as testing is forensically defensible and has become the standard for evidence of current use.

With presumptive positive (non-negative) specimens, the laboratory will perform a GC/MS confirmation to definitively detect the drugs and/or drug metabolites present in the sample. This is the only way to provide a distinction between illicit, prescription or over the counter medications.

Oral Fluid Laboratory Testing Services

Oral fluid testing is recognized as a reliable and innovative test format, ideal for detecting recent drug use. The non-invasive method does not require special collection facilities necessitated by the privacy requirements of a urine collection. Additionally, because each collection can be directly observed, donor tampering with the specimen is virtually eliminated.

MRO Services:

As the point of contact for employers, employees and drug testing facilities, the MRO (Medical Review Officer) protects the integrity and confidentiality of the drug testing results and other personal health-related information. An MRO is a licensed physician who is responsible for receiving and reviewing laboratory results generated by an employer’s drug testing program and evaluating medical explanations for myfastweightloss drug test results. Per DOT regulations all DOT drug screens must be reviewed by an MRO.

Our Services:

  • Non-DOT & DOT lab screens available for urine, oral fluid and hair analysis
  • GC/MS & LC/MS laboratory confirmations for urine and oral fluid drug detection
  • Drug Testing POCT Custody and Control Forms (CCF)
  • Sample inspection at the lab for compliance with forensic standards and security
  • Confirmation on non-negative POCT samples
  • Specimen Validity Tests
  • Review and signing of results by Certifying Scientists
  • Reporting of results by facsimile or electronic data downloading
  • MRO Services

For more information about Spectrum MDX’s laboratory services, give us a call at 1-866-287-2425 or contact us here.