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Third-Party Laboratory Services

Laboratory Testing

Spectrum MDX offers SAMSHA Accredited third-party laboratory screening services to comply with DOT regulations.

Our services include:

  • Non-DOT & DOT lab screens available for urine, oral fluid and hair analysis
  • GC/MS & LC/MS laboratory confirmations for urine and oral fluid drug detection
  • Drug Testing POCT Custody and Control Forms (CCF)
  • Sample inspection at lab for compliance with forensic standards and security
  • Confirmation on non-negative POCT samples
  • Specimen Validity Tests
  • Review and signing of results by Certifying Scientists
  • Reporting of results by facsimile or electronic data downloading
  • MRO Services

Contact Us    for pricing or call 1-905-970-9777 or 1-866-287-2425.