SpecCheck Private Label POCT

At Spectrum MDX our goal is to translate technology into accurate solutions that accelerate patient treatment and overall productivity. As part of our commitment to achieving better health outcomes, we have created our own brand of rapid point of care tests (POCT) screening devices for substance abuse and women’s health screening. These products reflect the excellence and integrity of the Spectrum brand. We strive to ensure that our name is synonymous with high-quality, accurate products designed to enhance patient treatment. Our goal is to pursue continuous innovation and improvement, making us the leader and preferred choice for all your point of care needs.

Urine Drug Screening

Our private label point of care tests are designed to rapidly detect the presence of prescription medications and illegal substances in urine. To ensure we meet the needs of our customers, we have developed a number of high-quality solutions that allow customized configurations suited to anyone’s screening protocol. Our private line includes dip, cassette and all-inclusive cup designs that are Health Canada licensed and FDA 510(k) cleared.


Spectrum’s Rapid POCT devices are available for the qualitative detection of Cotinine in human urine. Targeting cotinine is the preferred method of screening tobacco use, as it extends the window of detection for several days.

Women’s Health Screening

Spectrum’s exceptional women’s health screening products provide a comprehensive menu of screening tools for menopause, ovulation and pregnancy. Our private label products are designed for fast, accurate readings with a number of rapid, qualitative tests available for professional and clinical use. Our private label women’s health products provide timely diagnostic and prognostic information to assist healthcare professionals in delivering optimized treatment. Our portfolio of women’s health screening products include:

  • Pregnancy hCG Screening
  • Ovulation Tests
  • Actim Prom
  • Actim Partus

You can collect samples and read results within diflucan-fluconazole providing your patients with quick, accurate results on the spot. Healthcare practitioners can be confident they are receiving reliable results for enhanced patient care and treatment.

For more information on our private label POCT products, speak to the sales team at Spectrum MDX.