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Workplace DOT Screening

Spectrum MDX provides comprehensive solutions and guidance for every stage of your workflow, from modifying existing drug and alcohol screening programs to implementing a new one.  Our product portfolio includes rapid POCT screening devices (DOT configurations), third party laboratory screening, DOT training, BAT accessories and more.

Workplace Solutions:

POCT Urine Screening:

7-12-panel tests available in workplace DOT configurations (dip & cup format); With and without adulterants built-in.


POCT Oral Fluid Screening:

4-12 panel saliva drug tests available


Laboratory Services:

GC/MS & LC/MS confirmation

Urine & oral fluid DOT panels with Extended Opiates

MRO Services

Hair testing


DOT web-based courses:

DOT Certified Professional Specimen Collector (CPSC)

Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT)

Designated Employer Representative (DER)


Breathalyzer accessories (various brands including AlcoSensor IV, Lifeloc, Draegar and more):


Tamper evident tape

Printer paper

Dry gas cylinders


Adulteration tests:

UrineCheck 7


Our Value Proposition:

Industry experts

Broad product menu

Health Canada licensed products

Full customization


Our knowledgeable team can assist you with developing and implementing your drug screening policy, with complete support including training and technical expertise.

We operate with strict compliance according to Health Canada regulations and we align our reputation and resources with ISO Certified companies. Our acquisition model prioritizes North American-made products.

Contact us today to customize your workplace screening program:  1-866-287-2425

POCT Urine Screening:

New SpecCheck brand of urine POCT devices

Highly accurate with reliable results
Fully customizable
Health Canada licensed
Available in 4-17 panel configurations (including workplace DOT levels)
Built-in Adulteration available.