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Drug Testing Solutions

Spectrum Medical Solutions

Our Experience

Our brand is synonymous with service and quality. Our success is founded in our commitment to excellence, evolving with industry trends, innovation in technology and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.

Spectrum MDX brings you a wealth of clinical, managerial and market experience you can count on to support and streamline your screening requirements.  Partnering with us means receiving comprehensive solutions to accelerate patient treatment, and help enhance clinical practices for better health outcomes.

Market Reach

Our core competencies support screening and patient care in substance abuse, women’s health, infectious disease, cardiac and tumour marker screening. Our value-added solutions like webinars, one-on-one consultations, product sheets, and videos—enhance the confident delivery of patient diagnosis and treatment for healthcare practitioners.


Our Customer Portfolio

Our passion and commitment to the industry allows us to help inform and educate our customers and empower them to make better health decisions. Our customer portfolio consists of strong partnerships with key decision makers within several market segments, including:

  • Addiction Rehabilitation
  • Occupational Health / Workplace
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Pain Management Clinics
  • Methadone Clinics
  • Government Agencies
  • And more…

Partners for a Better Tomorrow

Product integrity and the application of education, prevention, treatment and management are the foundation to our professional success.  At Spectrum MDX, our goal is to translate technology into sustainable, healthy, and safe solutions that accelerate patient treatment and overall productivity.  We are committed to achieving better health outcomes by offering excellence and integrity in all that we do.

Our Solutions Portfolio

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics Inc. has become a recognized and reliable partner for high quality products, technologies and services. Our product and service portfolio offers more than 50 products—from urine and saliva drug testing to fertility screening and routine chemistry tests—we strive to provide the highest quality diagnostic products in an ever changing healthcare market.

Instant drug tests (otherwise known as POCT or point of care tests) are used to rapidly detect the presence of prescription medications and illegal substances in urine. A number of high quality, accurate solutions are available for urine drug screening, including dip, cassette and all-inclusive cup designs that are Health Canada licensed and FDA 510(k) cleared.  We offer our customers the option of fully customizing a configuration to suit any screening protocol.  Specialty tests are also available for Fentanyl, Ketamine & K2 Spice.

Instant oral fluid drug tests are used to rapidly detect the presence of various drug compounds in saliva. An absorbent collection device is placed in the mouth and the saliva collected is screened for drugs of abuse.

Specimen collection is less hazardous and non-invasive.  Since the test subject is present for the entire sample collection and screening process, the possibility of sample adulteration and/or substitution is eliminated. The detection time for oral fluid screening is approximately 30-60 minutes after ingestion.

Rapid alcohol screening tests are used to determine whether a person is above the 0.02% screening cut-off level for alcohol. Multiple device options are available for alcohol detection, including rapid urine, breath and saliva tests, as well as Evidential Breath Testers (EBTs) or Breathalyzers. Some products are also DOT approved, ideal for workplace screening protocols.  The breathalyzers are precision hand-held breath alcohol analyzers, known for reliability, ease of use, and long life-span. A wide array of easy to use breathalyzers are available to suit any screening requirement, including pre-employment, post-accident, random, or DOT-mandated alcohol testing. In fact, many alcohol screening devices are designed for high productivity for in-office or mobile environments.

Adulterants are foreign substances either ingested or added directly to a urine specimen to prevent the detection of drug use and mask substances. Promoted as “cleansing agents,” these substances range from everyday household items to specific chemical additives easily obtained via the Internet.  The use of adulterants can cause false negative results in drug tests by destroying the drugs present in the urine or interfering with the test itself.  A rapid test is available for visual determination of various adulterants, including Creatinine, Glutaraldehyde, Nitrite, Oxidants, pH & Specific Gravity in urine.  This test is used to assess the integrity of urine samples prior to Drugs of Abuse Urine (DAU) testing, in order to determine if the sample has been adulterated.

Rapid POCT devices are available for the qualitative detection of Cotinine in human urine.  Cotinine is the first-stage metabolite of nicotine. Since the window of detection for nicotine is relatively short (approximately two  hours), cotinine extends the window of detection for several days and is the preferred method of screening for tobacco use.

A number of rapid, qualitative tests are available as part of our Fertility product menu, including hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), LH (ovulation) and FSH (menopause) in human urine specimens.  These tests may be purchased in cassette, mid-stream or dip formats and are ideal for professional / clinical use.

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics, Inc. now offers web-based DOT Regulated and Non-Regulated Drug Collector Training and Certification designed to comply with all corporate drug screening policies. Our service and support programs offers organizations a more streamlined approach to training, ultimately lowering costs, maximizing efficiency for all parties involved and implementing best practices for drug & alcohol screening.

Spectrum Medical Diagnostics, Inc. is pleased to launch a new paperless system designed to offer real-time results, tracking, & reports as part of a comprehensive solution for POCT screening! This state-of-the-art technology was designed for organizations to view results instantaneously following a collection. Results can be viewed within the on-line platform or delivered via fax or email.

This web-based, protocol-driven software program allows test administrators to perform consistent & efficient drug testing collections each time. Plus, our sophisticated platform significantly minimizes collection errors and incorporates customer-specific processes to ensure staff members are compliant with all standardized procedures.

Our range of point of care rapid tests provide a highly accurate, cost-effective and easy to use solution for the detection of pathonogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.

A comprehensive menu of liquid urine control material designed for routine monitoring of accuracy and precision on rapid point of care screening devices, including toxicology, hCG pregnancy, cotinine and more.

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