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Chain of Custody Forms (CCF)


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Chain of Custody Forms (CCF)

Features: Customized forms direct from a Lab. Chain of Custody (CoC) is the process of ensuring and providing documentation of proper employee drug testing specimen identification and handling from the time of collection to the receipt of laboratory drug test results. If the employee drug testing results come under legal challenge, the specimen must have been handled according to chain of custody procedures exactly and accurately. The chain of custody protocol assures that:

  1. The employee drug test specimen belongs to the individual whose information is printed on the specimen bottle label,
  2. No adulteration or tampering of the employee drug test specimen has taken place,
  3. Exactly who had possession of the employee drug test specimen and when,
  4. How the employee drug test specimen was transported and stored before it was analyzed,
  5. No unauthorized access to the drug test specimen was possible, and
  6. The employee drug test specimen was handled in a secure manner.

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