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Covid Home Self Test


Test yourself anytime, anywhere!

Lucira™ Check It provides PCR quality molecular accuracy in 30 minutes or less. 

The ONLY Health Canada approved rapid SELF test for Covid detection.  Obtain PCR quality results within 30 minutes (versus days through a lab!). 

Features and Benefits:

  • Type of Test:  Molecular rapid (LAMP / RNA amplification test) 
  • Approved for Home Use:  Yes 
  • Comparison to PCR:  High correlation & accuracy to PCR  
  • Accuracy:  91.7%  (at MOLECULAR / PCR level)
  • Specimen type:  Nasal  
  • Results:  30 minutes for negatives; 11 minutes for positives 
  • Instrumentation Required:  No  (Electronic results are automatically displayed with green light indicator on test cartridge) 
  • Health Canada Licensed:  Yes (for self / home use) 
  • Each kit includes:  Test device, two AA batteries, sample vial, swab and simple instructions 
  • May be used to screen symptomatic AND asymptomatic                

Call 1-866-287-2425 to order